The Artist: Yi

Want to share a talented writer most recent story.


“Miyoung, there you are. Come quick, join us.”

The approaching young woman flashes the friendly smile she is well known for and takes her seat at the round table. “My apologies for being late. My father had something to tell me just as I was about to leave.” All eyes are on her. She keeps up her smile knowing very well the object monopolizing their attention hangs from her ear lobes. “My brother just got home yesterday and gave them to me. He got them from a land far south.”

“How exquisite. Are they made of seashells?” asks her friend from across the table.

Miyoung turns her head so that Sooyoung gets a clearer view of her earrings. “Yes, they are. Tropical, very far south.” She extends her smile to the younger woman, one year her junior. Among the ten ladies seated at the table (including herself), Sooyoung is one…

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