Holiday and Everything Else

It’s been a while, huh? I was on oral chemo for three weeks. It wasn’t bad. The medicine made me tired. I somehow developed an infection and had to take antibiotics. I was on antibiotics for a week and I’m fine how.

Thanksgiving was a little difficult with not being able to swallow. I was able to eat half-teaspoon side bites. It sucked.

I’m back on Ibrance. I’ve been on it for a week. My oncologist changed the dosage. Two weeks on and one week off.

The kids and I decorated the Christmas tree last night. The DH and teen one got it last Saturday. It was in the stand and we were letting the branches dropped. It’s a huge tree. At first I didn’t like it. I wanted a seven-foot tree that was a little skinny. The DH came home with an eight-foot fat tree. I kind of like the tree now that it has been decorated.

Christmas still stresses me out.