Teenage Angst

You may be wondering why the title of this blog is “Teenage Angst”. Most of you know I’m not a teenager and have not been one for a very long time, but you see, my son Kiko, well, he’s 18 and had his heart broken recently. His girlfriened, “D”, whom he only started seeing for a short time broke up with him. She told him that she wasn’t ready for a new relationship and asked him if they can be friends.

A little back story before I continue. The girl, D, broke up with her boyfriend to start hanging out with my son and they eventually started dating. Kiko did a whole promposal thing and she said yes. I have the promposal on video.

Everything seemed fine. They were going to go to each other’s prom. I mean, I was confident about this girl, that I even bought him a dinner color dinner jacket for him to wear for her prom. About two weeks ago, my son started to get snippy with me. Little things would set him off. I didn’t pay attention to it because he’s a teenager and I didn’t want to pry.

I was making simple conversations with Kiko and asked him about D and if it was getting serious and he told me that D broke up with him. D told Kiko she wasn’t ready and asked to be friends and Kiko, being a boy, told her that he didn’t want to be friends with her because he really, really liked her. Kiko told me that he was being an jerk to her by not returning or answering any of her text and when he finally decided that it was better to have her in his life as a friend than not at all, she had it. Kiko told me that he finally texted her and she texted back, I’m done.

Kiko said that D was still going to his prom but that she uninvited him to hers. Last week when he was getting things finalized for the prom, she asked him if he had a backup girl to take to the prom, Kiko said he did but that he still wanted to take her. Two days after that conversation, she cancelled. His backup prom date, “J”…well her mom wouldn’t let her go. He finally asked his friend “O”, whom he’s been friends with since 2nd grade. She was ready to get a dress but her boss called and told her she couldn’t have that night off.

Poor Kiko. He asked three girls. He’s still going prom, but he’s taking a girl who is friends with his friend.

Sounds like a John Hughes movie.