Life and What It Means

Life and what it means…I don’t know what it means. I just try living my life by being nice to people.



I started chemo last week. My medical oncologist put on oral chemo called Ibrance. I’ve been reading a lot of good things about it. Some are calling it a miracle drug. I don’t want to get my hopes up. While on this drug I may or may not lose my hair which is good because I finally have it the way I want it. I know it sounds a little vain.

I’m almost done with radiation.The skin on my left rib area where is lesion is located is discolored. There was a little discoloration from the last time I had radiation but now the area is darker.

The pain from the pinched nerve is getting to me. I started taking prescription pain meds last week. I don’t like the side effects, but I don’t like pain more.

I’m starting to feel my esophagus tighten because of the radiation to my T2. I have to make sure I eat or else my esophagus will narrow.

Results of My PET Scan

I have had three PET scans and the results have been good: no activity. A few weeks ago I went for my fourth PET scan and last Friday, Oct. 28, I received the results of the last PET scan: new activity. New activity to my T2, my left 5th and 6th ribs, my left clavicle and the lesion I have on a rib has gotten bigger.

Just when I thought I was doing so well, I’m hit with this news. Cancer sucks.

Yesterday, I met with the radiology oncologist. I will have about 12 sessions to my T2, clavicle and lesion. I was marked up yesterday.

The cancer on my T2 is causing me some nerve pain to the right shoulder and underarm. I haven’t been able to sleep because of the pain. At least now I know what’s causing it. None of my pain medications are helping with the nerve pain.

Tomorrow I start radiation. Hopefully, my oral chemo meds come soon. I have to start that on Monday.

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What this blog is about

When I first started writing this, I thought I would be writing about my cancer life. I have shared my cancer story but I feel I haven’t shared enough. I haven’t really kept up with the blog. I mean, who would be reading it? My family? Siblings? Cousins? Friends? Nope, none of them know about this blog. I don’t know if I want them to know about it. Sometimes I find myself being able to share my story with total strangers. 

So here I am. I don’t know what to do with this blog. Should I talk about health, food or what interest me? Should I talk about all three or how about my children, dogs and bearded dragon? 

I’m at a loss for now. 

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Summer Vacation

My husband likes going to the beach, but he only likes going there when he’s on vacation. He doesn’t like any other times. He doesn’t like to go on the weekends. He doesn’t like to go if he has a day off.

One thing that bothers me about this is that when he finds something he likes, it will be the same thing, like a vacation, every year. Do you know what it is like doing the exact same thing year after year after year after year? Yeah, you get the picture. He promised me and the kids a cruise once I get better. Well, I’m better and I’m still waiting.

I really shouldn’t complain really since he is now the sole provider. Not being able to contribute financially kind of sucks. I feel I should do more now that I’m on disability and a stay-at-home mom.

Life throws us curve balls sometimes.

Living with Cancer: Part 3

Waiting for my surgery date was probably the most boring thing. Sure, I had some visitors, but mostly it was just husband, kids and me. Not talking really, each in our own thoughts. I’m sure my kids, ages 16 and 12, weren’t too thrilled to be stuck in the hospital with me. Not that I can blame them, I didn’t want to be in the hospital either, but because of my back…well, I didn’t really have a choice.

Surgery day, I don’t think I was nervous at all. I know my husband was. I was wheeled to OR about a hour before. Nurses did the prep and I answered a few questions. I met and spoke with the surgeon, whom my husband has issues. I really didn’t care if he had terrible bedside manners (he did). All I wanted to know and cared about was that he was the best.

My surgery was on a Wednesday afternoon. I woke up Thursday afternoon. I heard my husband’s annoying text message notification going off and all I wanted was to have him turn it off.

Things I learned while I was in ICU: my surgery took longer; I was transfused 9 units of blood; my surgeon left during surgery and had a PA close me; my husband saw him leave and get in the elevator; my husband spoke with the chief of surgery and I was on a ventilator for two days.

While in ICU, I was transfused two more units of blood. It seems I had a difficult time clotting.